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Scientific schools of agricultural economists, agronomists, veterinarians, cattle breeders, foresters, and engineers under the guidance of Academicians T.I. Espolov and R.E. Yeleshev, S.B. Baizakov, N.P. Ivanova, A.G. Rau, T.S. Sadykulov, T.S. Saiduldin, K.B. Biyshev, S.A. Keshuov, G.S. Shabdarbayeva, J.K. Tulemisova, J.J. Suleimenov, D.M. Alikhanov and others. Students, masters and doctoral students are trained on the basis of the mentioned scientific schools.
Being the leader of agrarian science, the University has created a large scientific school with a number of outstanding scientists. Their achievements are more than 60 new varieties, hybrids and forms of agricultural crops and tree plants, dozens of unique species, types and lines of animals and birds, more than 150 types of vaccines, diagnostics, food and medicinal preparations and products, various designs of agricultural machines, biogas, wind and hydro-helios and other mechanisms. Suffice it to point out that today the share of selection breeds of the University scientists is 10% in coarse sheep breeding; epizootic welfare in animal husbandry is supported by scientific developments of the University scientists.
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