Specialty: Land improvement, restoration and protection of land


Land improvement, restoration and protection of land

Water resources and reclamation
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Land reclamation, reclamation and land protection

Land reclamation, reclamation and land protection is a field of science and technology engaged in purposeful improvement (melioration), restoration (reclamation), protection of lands for various purposes, pollution control, with natural elements - floods, flooding of lands, their erosion, erosion, landslides, mudflows , dry winds - to increase the consumer value (utility) of land.
The objectives of the research are to improve methods, methods and technology, improve the quality and reliability of design, construction and operation of engineering and land reclamation and engineering and environmental systems, justify new methods of land reclamation, reclamation and land conservation.
The objects of research are:
 Agricultural land, forestry and water resources, settlements, industry, transport, communications; recreational, recreational, historical-cultural, scientific, defense purposes, which are in various forms of use, possession or property and are considered as geosystems of different rank with an interdependent set of all components of nature: soils, including anthropogenic cultural and urban, soil, surface and groundwater, air masses of the troposphere and fauna;
 natural-technogenic systems, including engineering-meliorative, engineering-ecological systems and measures that increase the usefulness of the components of nature. This specialty is an integral part of environmental management - human activities to increase the usefulness of nature and its conservation in the process of nature management. The importance of scientific and technical problems of this specialty consists in raising the standard of living and health of the population, in ensuring sustainable development of the country, in increasing the effectiveness of various types of nature management: agriculture, forestry, water management, industry, in maintaining and improving soil fertility, protection and reproduction of water resources , flora and fauna.