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Water Resources

Water resources and reclamation
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        The educational program"Water Resources and Water Use" conducts training of specialists on a three-level education system, prepares bachelors, masters and doctors PhD. Educational and scientific work at the department is performed by 29 employees: 1 of them are academicians of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, 6 are doctors of science, 8 are candidates of sciences, 4 are PhDs.
        Providing training of highly qualified specialists of innovative type, create conditions for the formation of a competitive, highly cultured, tolerant specialist, in demand in the Kazakhstan labor market and in the world scientific and educational space.
          We have developed curricula and educational programs in accordance with the requirements of compulsory state educational standards in order to achieve common goals for ensuring the quality of training for students. Modular educational programs have been developed for all levels of specialist training.
        In the educational process interactive methods of teaching are widely used: business games-trainings, classes using modern multimedia equipment, round tables, discussions, etc. For laboratory work, 9 laboratories equipped with innovative facilities are used. Modular-rating and test systems for assessing students' knowledge have been introduced.
         Our scientists actively cooperate with advanced universities and scientific centers of foreign countries. They take part in the International Education Program TEMPUS: "Towards Sustainable Water Management in Central Asia."
         Within the framework of the program of external academic mobility, lectures are given annually by professors from universities in Germany, the USA, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Italy, Canada, Poland, etc. Our students undergo an internship in academic mobility, undergraduates and doctoral students in international programs in higher educational institutions and scientific centers of the USA, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, France, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. ISAS International Summer Master's School is held annually for academic mobility: "Water resources management" is headed by academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, professor T.Espolov.
          In the training of specialists, much attention is paid to integration with research institutes and various production structures with which agreements on joint cooperation in conducting classes, passing production and pre-graduation practices have been concluded. Currently there are agreements with more than 50 enterprises. One of the largest partners are: Kazgiprovodkhoz Institute, KazNIIVH, Balkhash-Alakol Basin Inspection, IFAS IFAS, etc.
         Under the scientific programs of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, scientific research is being carried out aimed at solving urgent problems in the field of effective use of water resources in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Scientific laboratories function on the basis of scientific research institutes. Students, undergraduates and doctoral students are provided with all means for performing scientific research.
      Research work of students is an integral part of the educational process, for these purposes we have a student group "Water and Life".
        Our students are actively involved in the work of dance, vocal circles and dombra orchestra, the debating center of the university. Actively participate in sports events.
         If you want to become a highly cultured, competitive specialist, and also leave a good impression of student's time, welcome to us!