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The mission of the University
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Antiterrorism Plan
1. Be observant! Only you are able to find out manner objects and people, strangers in your entrance, courtyard, street.
2. Be vigilant! Pay attention to the behavior of others, the presence of desperate objects.
3. Ensure the safety of your own home: install an iron door with an intercom in the entrance, daily check the closing of basements, attics and technical rooms.
4. Teach your children security measures: do not talk on the street, do not get into cars and do not open the door to strangers, do not pick up orphan toys, etc.
5. Do not pretend that you do not notice anything with the dangerous behavior of fellow travelers in transport! You have every right to travel safely in transport.
6. Never store or transfer items to someone else, even the safest ones.
7. Finding a suspicious object in a desolate place should not weaken your caution. The intruder could simply throw it, frightened of something.
8. Even if you have personal experience with explosives, do not try to touch them. Homemade fuses are supersensitive and sophisticatedly ingenious.
9. Do not approach, and even more so, do not touch a suspicious object, it can cost you life.
10. Immediately report the possible threat by phone: 102, 112