Visit to the Warsaw University of Life Sciences - Kazakh National Agrarian Research University

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Visit to the Warsaw University of Life Sciences

       A delegation led by the rector of the Kazakh National Agrarian University, academician Tlektes Yespolov, visited the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Visitors were greeted by the Rector of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences Vislav Bilovsky.
During the bilateral meeting, issues of the educational process, research and international cooperation were discussed, the prospects for cooperation and the possibility of franchising were discussed.
Today, the Kazakh National Agrarian University is developing a concept of a world-class university model based on the transfer of an advanced international scientific and educational franchise. In the field of innovation development, KazNAU closely cooperates with leading European universities, in particular the University of Wageningen (the Netherlands), the University of Warsaw and the University of Michigan (USA).
Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) is the oldest agricultural academic school in Poland, its history dates back to 1816. At present, the university consists of 13 faculties; there are 27,000 students enrolled. The campus has a historical part at the 18th century palace, and the modern part consist of all the buildings and dormitories. Warsaw University of Life Sciences was declared number one in the ranking of “life science universities” in Poland, and has always been at the top of Polish universities. Warsaw University of Life Sciences was recognized as "the most innovative and creative university in Poland for the creation of job prospects."
By introducing franchising to a university, there is a chance to reduce ineffective educational programs, reduce the number of teachers with low ratings, encourage students with low academic performance and implement joint innovative projects.

The delegation of KazNAU visited the educational and scientific base of the Warsaw University.
At the end of the meeting, the bilateral memorandum was updated.
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