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Mastering the Latin alphabet is a requirement of life

The event was organized by 1st year students of specialty 6B09101-"Veterinary medicine" and senior lecturer of the department "Clinical Veterinary Medicine" Kambarbekov A. T.

April 28, 2022 in the auditorium No. 303 of the academic building No. 11 of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of KazNARU with the participation of the teaching staff of the Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine and 1st year students of the specialty 6B09101-"Veterinary Medicine" (groups VM 21-01k, VM 21-02k, VM 21-03k, VM 21-04k, VM 21-05k, VM 21-06r, VM-21-07r) held an intellectual game on the topic "Mastering the Latin alphabet is a requirement of life" in the discipline "Latin veterinary terminology" aimed at mastering the discipline "Latin veterinary terminology".

Purpose: mastering the basics of the Latin language by students in order to study Latin terms and correctly read special expressions and proverbs in Latin and use them in future professional activities. The relevance of this topic is becoming increasingly important in the transition of the Kazakh alphabet to Latin graphics.

According to the results of the intellectual game, the 1st place was taken by the team of students of the VM 21-03 group, the 2nd place by the VM 21-02 team, the 3rd place by the VM 21-04 student team. The teams that won prizes received certificates of commendation, and active students of the teams were encouraged with free tickets to watch a movie in one of the cinemas in Almaty.       

Present: Professor Zamanbekov N.A., associate Professor Baimurzayeva M. S., senior teachers: Kambarbekov A. T., Eskhodzhaev A. U., Azizov K. H., assistant Aidarbekov S., 1st year students of specialty 6B09101-"Veterinary medicine".

Kambarbekov A.T., Senior lecturer of the Department "Clinical Veterinary Medicine", "Honorary Professor" of KazNARU.