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Новость #1964 Статистика

Great Abai of the wise people!

A musical evening was organized by the students and curator of the 204k group of the specialty "food technology" Ashimova P. B.. The main goal of the evening is to get acquainted with the life of the great poet, show his spiritual heritage to the younger generation, read poems and sing his lyrical songs. Teach students about the culture of communication, self-development and engage with creativity.

The curtain of the evening is opened with a magnificent lyrical song of the poet "Kozimnin karasy", performed by a choir of students of the group. Presenters: orazbekova Nazerke and kalybaev Nurbol gave a good atmosphere to the guests of the evening and shared fresh data about the Great poet-Abai. And also, a video was presented "Abai biographies".

Atabekova Madina, Sayinz Glenny performed Kazakh folk song "Balapan as".

 "Glorifying Abay, we show Kazakhstan to the whole world, introduce the rich culture of the Kazakh people. Abay should always be the motto of our people, " N. Nazarbayev said. "The Kazakh people have Abay as a great phenomenon as Pushkin in the Russian, as Shakespeare in the English," K. Kuliyev wrote.

"We are proud that we live in peace and harmony. Abay should always be our national motto, " the head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev said. For Russians – Pushkin, for the British-Shakespeare, for Georgians-Rustaveli-what a great phenomenon, for Kazakhs-a priceless phenomenon, the presenters began the heading "the king of the word, the word" with the lyrics of Abay.  In this part of the credit :

Ibyraim Ernar«Білектей арқасында өрген бұрым»
Sayinz Gulnur " Қараша, желтоқсан мен сол бір екі ай »
Amankul Kyzdary " Өлсем орным қара жер сыз болмай ма?»
Esbol Sandugash «Жасымда ғылым бар деп ескермедім»
Bekmukhambet Dauren read the poem «Есіңде бар ма жас күнің»

Abaya, artistic, deeply humanistic views on religion and social services (photo) - words of edification. Abay's words are a prose work written in the classical style, reflecting the artistic power of the great poet in the art of words, the worldview of wisdom in philosophy. Abay's words, consisting of forty-five separate works, are diverse in subject matter. Of these, six or seven models are short, some differ in content, subject matter, and scale. In his speeches, Abay not only drew attention to the originality of the work, but also to its depth and logical significance. Students who not only remembered the words of the great poet, but also preserved their memory, uttered a passage from the black word:

19- see the word of Serzhanova Kundyzay
24-see the word of Kulymbetov Muhamedali
45-see the word of Abdrasyl Dinara

Abay's legacy is the most sacred wealth of the Kazakh people. Abay will always live with his people. For centuries, we will call our people to new heights. In order to determine how familiar young people are with the work of the great poet, a quiz was organized.

At the end of the evening, the floor was presented to the Dean of the faculty "Technology and bioresources" - Mr. buralhiev Batyrkhan Azimkhanovich and the head of the Department" Technology and security " Mamayeva Laura Asylbekovna. In turn, the guests of the evening and the leading teachers of the faculty shared their positive impressions. 

Assoc. Professor V. S. Zhamurova
senior lecturer Ashimova P. B.
senior lecturer Muratbekova K. M.