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Abay-dana, Abay dara kazakta

The organizers: teachers of the department of FMB - Dzhanabekova G.K., Zylkyshybaeva MM, Dzhunusova R.Zh., Baytakova Z.E., Ongarkulova AE, Shameeva U.G. 
The purpose of the lesson: to acquaint with the life of the great poet, to show his works, expressively tell poems, songs. To introduce the facets of the art of words. Help in the art of speech , self-seeking , creative work.
Purpose: education students love for their native land, respect for the Motherland, morality, understanding of nature, respect for sacred things. Formation of speech culture, aesthetic education.
Lesson method: question-answer, report, explanation, reading poems, singing, presentation
The theme of the lesson: the portrait of Abay, books, artworks, winged words, slide.
1 presenter: dear teachers, students! Today a literary evening "Abay-dana, Abay dara kazakta" dedicated to works of the great Kazakh poet Abay Kunanbayev.  In this open lesson you will learn about the poems, songs and works of Abay. Abay is a philosopher, lawyer,poet,translator,composer, wise thinker. Abay is the founder of written literature, humanist, public figure, fair dance, teacher-educator. - Moscow: Publishing house "Academy of Sciences", 2004. S. Pushkin, Yu. M. Lermontov, L. Works Of N. Tolstoy, Saltykov-Shedrin, Goethe translated into Kazakh.
Өлсе өлер табиғат, адам өлмес.
Ол бірақ қайтіп келіп ойнап – күлмес.
Мені мен, менікінің айырылғанын,
“Өлді” деп ат қойыпты өңкей білмес.
Көп адам дүниеге бой алдырған,
Бой алдырып, аяғын көп шалдырған.
Өлді деуге сыя ма, айтыңдаршы.
Өлмейтұғын артына сөз қалдырған
2 presenter: and now we turn our attention to the laptop. Let's watch a video about the biography of Abay Kunanbayev.
( 5 minute video)
1-student: Bakytkeldy
 Abai Ibrahim.
Abay was born in 1845 in the year of the snake, in 1904 at the age of 60 he passed away in The Genghis parish of Semipalatinsk County. The main name is Ibrahim, "Abai", which Ibrahim was called diminutive-mother Ulzhan. Since then, with this name Abay went down in history.
Abay's whole life was spent in Semipalatinsk region, now Abay district of Genghis parish, where he was born.
Student 2: Jasmine
Abay father's side spread across the known sanzaru and Batyr Tobykty. His ancestor was a dance Tobacco. The father of Abay Kunanbay was the senior Sultan of Karkaralinsk district. And mother Ulzhan spread of the family of Beauchamp.
3-student: Nurdos
The father is a man rich in mind, cruel, and the mother is a man who, on the contrary, was merciful to relatives, soft character, rich language.From early childhood Abay lived among people with two types of fire and water. Lovely grandmother zere and mother Ulzhan had a great influence on the formation of the young child's myths and consciousness, behavior. He said two-a fairy tale, a legend-story, humorous, humorous, historical events of the country, the intellectual beginning of the ball-gradually Abaya in consciousness, writes . Thus, the child Abai grew up in the treasures of the spiritual thought of his people.
4-student: Elnur
Abai at the age of 10-12 years is studying Muslims and knows the letter. In 12 years, Ahmed Riza in Semipalatinsk, went to study in madrassas. At the age of 14, 3ay studied at the Russian school"parish school".
5-student: Jomart
This year ended training in 4-year madrasah and 3 months of Russian schools, at the age of 15 increases the education of the adult population and provides great help to his father. Population elects his bi.
6 students: Altynai
At the age of 20, he was a leader who knew about the Motherland, about the life and habits of the people, about power. Quickly owns Proverbs, fairy tales, Proverbs. As a new time Abay paid attention to knowledge, studied Arabic, Persian and Turkic languages.
Abay wrote a poem for 14 years. It is widespread among young people, but it is important. The reason for the work of Abay became Russian friends Grosi and Michaelis.
Abay read the works of Russian poets-writers – Pushkin, Lermontov, Krylov, Tolstoy, Turgenev. Reading their works, Abay thought that he was a model of Russian culture, art, knowledge. This is also the wisdom of Abai.
Abay -people with the beauty of words, poetry, and indelible luminous star of literature. Abay's works can be proud of Kazakh children, but do not be shy.
7-student: Laura
 Abay is a poet.
- Native land of the great poet-the land of Semipalatinsk, at the foot of mount Genghis. It is the nature of the native land, family, and all affected the feelings of the heart and affected his hearing. Now let's listen to the poems of our grandfather Abai, who we know.
 "Winter" - Sanjar " word guy - - Ulan
 "Spring" - Ordos - Zhomart    
 "Autumn" - Nurzhan "poem-the king of the word, the word" - Elnur
 "I am proud of science "- beybarys "some more" - Laura
"Azymes dosimis-out people" - Altynay
"The flame of the pillow" - Jasmine
2 presenter: as you can see, the poet in his poems fought for darkness, ignorance, mole, caring for the people, called the youth to knowledge, work, art.
  Named after the composer.
- Loved the Abai Kazakh kui. Especially appreciated such folk composers as jayau Musa, Birzhan Sal, akan Seri, Tattimbet. She also released a few songs.
* You, something new
* Eight legs
* Look at the eyes
* The Fund was the soul
* Blurred growth
• Hi, Kalamkas
• In excess of one
* Sad bird in treachery
 What are you gonna do to me?
* Joy for parents
• Simem happy thank you
* Bright night with no wind
* Look at the eyes
Now let's listen to Abai's song.
 Kozimnin karasy " performed by Urazalievich of Altynbek.
1 presenter: Abai is a thinker.
- Abay - as a thinker, his black words get into our memories.
The words of edification were formed in a deep consciousness and a complex opinion.
He talks about good and bad, calls people to strive forward. Abai has 45 words. So we listen to an excerpt of these words
.(Elnur-12 words; Nurdos-14 words; Ulan-24 words )
2 presenter: Abay-translator.
- Abai translated novels of the Russian poet Pushkin, M. Y. Lermontov, Publishing house "Academy of Sciences", 2004, and many more works.
1 presenter : Many poets have left their words, their opinions about the great Abay. Now we will briefly tell you.
Mukhtar Auezov said:
- Abay, outstanding in poetry, music, social liberation sphere of thoughts and thoughts, is an amazing personality of our generation, a researcher of the life of the Kazakh people over the years. He acquired the exquisite significance of the age-old culture of his people and considered this treasure trove of good impressions of Russian and Western European culture. The path of Abai, Abai's voice, the breath of the Abai field, the people's voice. Today he and we sound, reborn, gets a new field.
2 presenter: Mirzhakyp Dulatov:
Today we want to see in the dark time of the year we remember the spirit of a distinguished poet, who died of Abai, has preserved the name, the respect, deep meaning of the words of our leader, who lived in the dark, from grandpa to grandson, great-grandson without interruption from his grandfather, from grandson to great-grandson. The first is careful that the people in the circle of friends often Ziarat demanded, Abai, the distance between strong love. These days we have not been exposed, but our spirit is felt, rejoices.
1 presenter:
I want to end this lesson with a poem by Sultanmakhmut Toraighyrov.
Асыл сөзді іздесең,
Абайды оқы, ерінбе.
Адамдықты көздесең,
Жаттап, тоқы көңілге.
2 presenter: we received not only a sign from the sacred black words, but also a life instruction.From all his creations we got everything we need. All his words we must always remember and remember. We will always remember the great Abai !