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The mission of the University
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History of KazNAU
 Kazakh National Agrarian Research University, established in 1996 on the basis of two oldest universities - The Alma-Ata Zoo Veterinary (1929) and The Kazakh Agricultural Institute (1930).

 In 2001, it was given the status of National. Over six thousand students in 38 agricultural specialties study at six faculties (crop production technologies, production and processing of livestock production, veterinary medicine, forestry, land and water resources, economics and law, engineering). There is a military department, after graduation, the military rank of lieutenant is conferred.

The university has a good material and technical base, equipped with modern equipment, educational buildings, a scientific library with a rich book fund. The buildings of the university are located on abai ave., both are listed in the state list of monuments of history and architecture. One of the educational buildings at the address: abai ave., 8 (formerly kazakh agricultural institute) was built in 1954 by the architect's project.

V. Biryukov by completion on the right side of the hull, similar in detail and symmetrical to the original pre-war building (architect n. Petrov, 1934). Another complex of buildings (abai ave., 26-30, formerly the alma-ata zoo veterinary institute) is located in the square of zheltoksan-satpaev-seifullin-abay streets, built in the 1920s-1950s.

About the museum:
The Museum of the Kazakh National Agrarian University is a structural subdivision of the university. The Museum of KazNAU was established in 1996 after the unification of the Almaty Zoo veterinary and Kazakh agricultural institutes. In 2005, in connection with the expansion of the exposition areas, the museum was re-equipped and a new museum exposition was opened. The grand opening of the museum took place in 2005 on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the university.

The University Museum is located in the pavilion of the third floor of the main educational building and includes 3 halls and 2 rooms, where the relevant exhibits are placed in 8 sections. The total area of ​​the museum is - 379.3 sq.m.

The basis of the museum is working with students, familiarizing it with the history of the university, teaching and educational and scientific activities of outstanding educators-scientists of world renown, as well as organizing work on the patriotic and ideological-spiritual upbringing of the youth.

The museum collects, stores, examines and exhibits material, written, pictorial sources as well as film and photo sources that reflect the history of the university from the day it was founded to the present. The museum keeps a memory of outstanding personalities of the university - teachers, employees, students, graduates, as well as documents about their scientific, educational, social and cultural activities.

The exposition of the history museum consists of several thematic sections, such as the Institute of the Rector's Office, the Kaleptasu Kesezi, the Sokhs zhyldary, The Formation Period, the Yerkendeu Kesezy, Veterans of the University, Yerlikke Tazym, Life of the Collective , "Sports achivments". The stands and showcases of the museum carefully store documents and photographs of rectors, the first students and teachers, the works of scientists of the two institutions. Also, the museum keeps diplomas, scientific works, educational and methodical aids, awards, personal belongings and memoirs of outstanding university employees. One of the showcases exhibits a unique collection of awards won by student athletes, student sports teams. This collection of cups, pennants, letters is a clear indication of the sports achievements and traditions of the university.

The main objective of the museum:
To popularize the history of the university with the purpose of professional orientation of youth, education of patriotism on the materials of historical documents and exhibits that are in the museum.

Various forms of educational work are used in the work with student youth, forming a system for the formation of university traditions: youth actions, seminars, meetings, discussions, round tables, meetings with alumni and veterans of the university, competitions, traditional tours of freshmen to the KazNARU museum. On the second floor of the main building is opened the gallery "Heroes of Socialist Labor", who graduated from our university.
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