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Dear colleagues, students and guests of our site!
      Welcome to the website of the Higher school of "Business and law" of the Kazakh national agrarian University!

The history of our faculty originates from the economic faculty of the Kazakh agricultural Institute, founded in 1963. Since the establishment of the Higher school of "Business and law" has passed a long, successful path in agricultural science and education. 

I thank everyone who has already made their choice in favor of the faculty for bachelors, master's, PhD degrees.
Separately I want to address to new entrants:
An entrant who seeks to obtain a high-quality, modern, competitive education can choose one of the areas of training in the faculty, which are combined into three departments:
  • «Management and organization of agribusiness»
  • «Accounting, audit and Finance»
  • «Law»
Today, the faculty has all the opportunities to train qualified specialists in the field of Economics, management, Finance, money circulation and credit, planning and budgeting at the level of corporations, firms and various organizations, to work in any law enforcement agencies, economic entities, public administration structures, research institutions, to carry out business activities and provide legal services.
We have:
  •  high scientific and pedagogical potential of the teaching staff;
  • modern educational, laboratory and research classrooms;
  • advanced material and technical and computer equipment.
The higher school of "Business and law" of the Kazakh national agrarian University is several generations of successful students, competent and talented teachers, scientific educational institutions and wonderful, interesting student life.
We are always open for fruitful cooperation and new interesting offers. We will do our best to meet Your interests, we invite you to get a quality, higher education! I wish you success in your studies and prosperity in your career!

Sincerely, Dean of the Higher school of «Business and law»,
Azhinurina Dinara
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Алматы қ., Абай даң. 8, №3 оқу ғимараты, Kazakh National Agrarian Research University