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Master’s summer announcement

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Dear colleagues and Postgraduate students!
Kazakh National Agrarian University organizes
International  Master’s Summer School ISAS-2017 from 12 June to 25 June 2017
International Master’s Summer School will be held on the following directions:
  • «Water resources management» – head of school, academician of the NAS RK, dr. of economic science, professor Tlektes Yespolov
  • «Green economic» – head of school, academician of the NAS RK, dr. of economic science Kanat Tireuov
  • «Veterinary» – head of school,academician of the NAS RK, dr. of veterinary science, professor Ivanov Nikolay Petrovich
  • «Innovative technologies and technical means in agriculture» – head of school, dr. of technical science, professor Kaliaskarov Marat Kaliaskarovich
  • «Biotechnology and food safety» – head of school, doctor of biology science, professor – Assiya Serikbayeva
The purpose of the International Master’s Summer School ISAS-2017 is a practical realization of one of the principles of the Bologna process - academic mobility.
Overview: Summer school offers postgraduate students a unique opportunity to participate, to increase and to get more practical skills in the educational programs. Lectures, master/training classes and roundtables will be conducted by leading scientists of the Kazakh National Agrarian University, by foreign scientists from the universities of France, Germany, Slovakia, Lithuania, Russia and Belarus and also by representatives of specialized scientific research institutes. These programs will help to ensure professional and interpersonal competences of Graduate students. Fieldwork  will be held at the State Institution (SI) «Balkhash-Alakul basin inspection on regulating the use and protection of water resources», Republican State Enterprise (RSE) «Bartogai reservoir and Grand Almaty Canal named after D.A.Kunayev», State Municipal Company (SMC) «Holding Almaty Su», LLC «Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of  Economics of agriculture and rural development»,  RSE «Regional Veterinary Laboratory», LLC scientific and production center «Antigen», LLC «Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture», Republican State Enterprise (RSE) LLC «Scientific center of anti-infectious disease»,  Republican State Enterprise (RSE) «Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Biological Safety Problems», Kazakh-Japanese Innovation center, Kazakh-Korea Innovation center, Kazakh-Belorussian Innovation Center, Scientific and Educational Innovation Center (GPIIIR-2) of the Kazakh National Agrarian University etc. Course languages: English.
Terms of participation for the International Master’s Summer School ISAS-2017:
The deadline to apply is 01 June 2017.  Postgraduate students may submit course application;
The preliminary course program
of the International Master’s Summer School ISAS -2017
Date and time
June 11, 2017 Arrival and accommodation of participants
June 12, 2017,
Registration of participants
June 12, 2017,
Opening the International Master’s Summer School
June 12, 2017,
Plenary session
June 12-24, 2017 Educational courses on profiles
June 24, 2017,
Closing the International Master’s Summer School and the presentation of certificates
June 25, 2017 Cultural activities and departure of participants

Organization Committee
050010, Almaty, Abay Avenue, 8
Kazakh National Agrarian University
Institute after university education
Contact phone numbers:
1) Director of the Institute after university education
Yerkimbekuly Rauan 8 (727) 264-69-02;
2) Head of Graduate studies Department
Kussainova Zhanar  8 (727) 262-17-63,
3) Specialist of Graduate studies Department
Minaydarova Zhaina  Kairatovna 8 (727) 262-17-63,

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