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Information report


Dear young scientists!    
 Kazakh National Agrarian University invite you to take part in the International scientific-practical conference of young scientists «Scientific look younger: searches, perspectives, innovations in agriculture» to be held in Аlmaty from 6th-7th April, 2017.
Working languages of conference - Kazakh, Russian and English.
The purpose of the conference – development of creative activity of undergraduates, doctoral students and young scientists, attracting them to the solution of topical problems of modern agrarian science, as well as to promote industrial-innovative development of agroindustrial complex.

Section and main directions of the conference work:
  1. Agrobiology, ecology and horticulture (;
  2. Veterinary (;
  3. Technology of animal husbandry and veterinary science (;
  4. Forest, land and water resources (;
  5. Agro engineering, energy saving, and vocational training (;
  6. Agricultural law and Economics (
The organizing Committee defined the procedure of the conference:
  • 6 April plenary and section meeting;
  • 7 April resolution, awarding certificates.
The conference will be held master classes and workshops.
Conditions of participating are in a conference
For participation in conference it is necessary to 20 March 2017 provide the organizing Committee with a set of documents of the conference on paper and electronic media, or by email at:  
Set of documents consists of:
-registration form for participation in the conference (form attached);
-thesis of the article (not more than 2 pages), executed according to the requirements given below;
On all questions to address to the email address of the organizing Committee of the conference, or at the following numbers: +7 (727) 267-65-37; +7 (727) 262-89-82.
Responsibility for the quality of the material presented rests with the authors. The text of the report is the original and cannot be edited. The organizing Committee reserves the right to reject the abstracts that are not relevant to the subject or received after the specified period (up to 20 March 2017).
Expenses for travel and meals shall be party to the conference, accommodation offers Kazakh National Agrarian University.
Requirements for preparation of material for publication:
Articles should be published in Russian, Kazakh and English. Volume of the article should be at least 3 to 5 pages and include the results of its own research. Review articles, based only on the literature, are not accepted.
  • The text should be typed in Times New Roman, Times Kaz, size - 12, interval - 1, paragraph - 1, margins at the top and bottom - 2.5 cm, left - 3 cm, right - 1.5 cm and printed (1 copy.), according to GOST 7.5-98, GOST 7.1-2003.
  • UDC (top left), after an interval centered in bold name, name of the author (s). After an interval italicized name of the organization where the student author (s) over the interval centered article name in capital letters.
  • Before the main text is written summary to the article in the original language in no more than 10 lines and key words.
  • The text should be edited to include the introduction, materials and methods, research, discussion of results, conclusions, list of references of literature, since literature Name author (s), title and summary in 2 other languages, at least 4-5 lines. Illustrations must be clear in black and white. If they are made on graphical objects should be presented on separate sheets. In the references of literature used to fit all of the authors / co-authors of the publication
  • The names of sections: introduction, materials and methods, research results, discussion of results, conclusions must be on a new line, and bold without full stop.
  • Underline, bold and italics in the text are not allowed.
  • Articles by authors from other institutions are accepted at presence of the expert conclusion of the organization, which recommended the article for publication. On the published article is attached a review. Articles authors of KazNAU accepted upon the conclusion the scientific and technical council.
  • Articles are accepted in the presence of authors signature to this article, the supervisor, where conducted study. Attached electronic version of the article. On a separate sheet, you must give details of all the authors: Name degree, full name, address, phone, fax, e-mail.
  • Articles that do not conform these requirements will not be accepted for publication, and the editors are not responsible for the content of submitted articles.
   The publication of articles for free.
to participate in the International scientific-practical conference of young scientists,
«Scientific look younger: searches, perspectives, innovations in agriculture»,
6-7 April 2017
Name of participants (full)______________________________________________________
The organization_____________________________________________________________
Position ____________________________________________________________________
Academic degrees and titles_____________________________________________________
Tel. / Fax ___________________________________________________________________
E-mail _____________________________________________________________________
Title (article) __________________________________________________________
Section _________________________________________________________________
Signature participant_________________________________________________________
Sample article submission
Akhmetkanova G.
Kazakh National Agrarian University
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Ахметканова Г.
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