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For the educational program of "Water resources and water use" and "Land improvement, restoration, and protection of land" in 2002 the department of "Hydrotechnics and Land Reclamation" was created in KazNAU. L.E. Tazhibaeva, the first head of which was Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan Rau Alexei Grigorievich. Since 2007, "Water Resources and Land Reclamation" has been the name of the department. The department conducts training for water management in the three-tier education system, trains bachelors, masters and PhDs in the specialty of “Water resources and water use” and in two levels of education in the specialty of “Land reclamation, recultivation and land protection”. Educational, scientific and educational work at the department is carried out by 35 employees: 7 - Dr.Sc., professors; 4 Candidate of Technical Sciences, professors, 5 - Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professors, 2 - Candidate of Technical Sciences, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, senior lecturers; 5 PhD doctors, senior lecturers, 6 masters, senior teachers, 6 assistants, and 5 teaching support staff. Graduation - 70% Average age - 45 years.
The contingent of students:
Educational program "Water resources and water use"
undergraduate -182
Master - 48
PhD Doctorate - 24
Educational program  "Land improvement, restoration and protection of land"
- undergraduate - 61
- Master – 8
The Department of Water Resources and Land Reclamation has 9 laboratories in which laboratory training sessions are held, undergraduates, and doctoral students conduct scientific research in which modern laboratory facilities are installed.
1. Laboratory of modeling of hydraulic processes
2. Laboratory of complex use of water resources
3. Laboratory of researching aerobic processes
4. Laboratory of geotechnical research "
5. Laboratory of hydro power plants, agricultural and pasture water supply
6. Laboratory of renewable energy
7. Laboratory of Land Reclamation, Recultivation and Land Protection
8. Laboratory of hydraulic studies of hydraulic structures
9. Laboratory of water quality
Educational programs have successfully passed institutional and specialized accreditation of the IAAR, IQAA, and the accreditation of the KASE Agency. According to the results of 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 school years, KazNAU ranked first in the ranking of universities of RK NAAR, IQAA for training in the specialties of "Water resources and water use" and "Land reclamation, recultivation and land protection."
For a relatively short period of time, the staff of the faculty of the department of "Water Resources and Land Reclamation" published more than 40 textbooks and manuals, including: "Laboratory workshop on hydraulics" Espolov T.I., Kalybekova EM, "Regulation and distribution of water resources in Kazakhstan "Espolov, T.I., Kalybekova, EM, Zaurbek, AK, Zaurbekova, Zh.A.," Pneumatic Chamber Water Lifts for Pasture Water Supply, "Yakovlev, A.A.," economical effectiveness of complex usage of water resources "Zaurbek, A.K. and Kalybekova EM; “Irrigation Land Reclamation” O.Z. Zubairov, Kh.N. Gabdeev, A.G. Rau, A.Tleukulov; “Hydrotechnics basis and water economy calculations” Rau AG, “discharged water and their utilization” Zubairov O.Z; "Meteorology and climatology" Kalybekova EM; "Agricultural Land Reclamation" Kozykeeva A.T., Mustafayev Z.S; “melioration basis of agriculture” Kozykeeva A.T., Mustafayev Zh.S; “irrigation of land reclamation” Kozykeev A.T., Mustafayev Zh.S; “Adaptive – land scale land reclamation in Kazakhstan” Mustafayev Z.S., Ryabtsev A.D .; “Hydrautechnical structures ” Bazarbayev A.T., Seytasanov I.S .; "Hydraulics" Seitasanov I.S., Zhandauletova F.R .; “Water intake waterworks” Seitasanov I.S .; “water taking nodes” Seitasanov I.S., Zholdasov S.K. “Basics of agricultural melioration” Kozykeeva A.T., Mustafaev Z.S., Atshabarov N.B., Ryabtsev A.D., Umirzakov S.I. and others. More than 30 guidelines for the implementation of laboratory and coursework, received more than 20 patents for inventions.
At the Department of Water Resources and Land Reclamation, the Scientific Research Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation conducts scientific studies on the following topics: “Transboundary river basins of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the People’s Republic of China: scientific and applied fundamentals of sustainable water supply for the population and economy in the context of climate change and economic activities for the period until 2050 ”,“ Improving the efficiency of water resources use in rice irrigation systems of Kazakhstan ”,“ Developing a chemical, biological, physical melioration system for improving the productivity of land resources and irrigated land  of Kazakhstan "with total funding over 40 million tenge.
In terms of international cooperation, the department maintains close ties with the related departments of Moscow University of Environmental Engineering, Brest State University, the Kyrgyz Agrarian Academy, Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization, and universities of far abroad: Lithuania, Aleksandras Stulginskis University, Kaunas; Latvia, “Latvian University of Agriculture”, Jelgava; Poland, Warsaw University of Life Sciences SGGW, Warsaw; Slovakia, Nitra Agrarian University, Nitra, etc.
The department maintains close ties with the production of organizing the practice of students, undergraduates, doctoral students (educational hydrological, geodesic, industrial and undergraduate, research) and the involvement in the educational process of highly qualified specialists from the production of the State Enterprise BAK named after D.A. Kunaev, Kazgiprovodkhoz, Balkhash-Alakol BVI, with the Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Water Management, with the “Institute of Geography” of the MES RK, etc.
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г.Алматы пр. Абая 8, корпус №7 Kazakh National Agrarian Research University