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Public reception of the University Anti-Corruption Measures
All the facts of corruption offenses can be reported on the telephone hotlines:
Phone public reception (helpline): 8 (727) 262-19-62
Public reception of the university on anti-corruption: 8 (727) 262-19-62 Location Public university reception:
Address: Kazakh National Agrarian University - building 1-A, office. №25,
The electronic address of the public reception:  e-mail:
Phones law enforcement agencies:
The prosecutor's office of the Medeu district: 8 (727) 272 - 46 - 64
District department of internal affairs of Medeu district: 8 (727) 254 - 48 - 01
Financial Police Medeu district: 8 (727) 279 - 30 - 26
Goals and objectives of the Public Reception University:
- intensification of work at faculties on counteraction of corruption among the faculty of the university;
- control of educational achievements of students, in AIS "Platonus".
- work with students of academic groups of the University on the clarification of the rules for organizing and taking exams, as well as complaints about violation of ethical standards;
- the organization of hotlines, "boxes of confidence", for prompt reporting of corruption;
- creation of a commission to control the examination session at the faculties;
- holding the "Clean Session" action (questioning students "Session without bribes");
- collection of complaints on the results of the examination session;
- Regular holding of Days of receptions at the Public Reception Center of the University.
Teaching staff, staff and students of the university should be able to report on known facts of illegal acts. All incoming information is received only by authorized employees. You decide how to provide information: anonymously or by naming yourself.
In any case, the management (the dean, head of department, teacher) of your department (faculty) will not have access to the information you provided, and if you are named, then this data will be known only to authorized employees.
How can I report an illegal action?
  • It is recommended that the following sequence be observed:
  • Describe the content of the violation and the facts known to you;
  • Indicate the faculty, institute or department of the University in which the violation occurred;
  • What is your name (optional)?
  • Specify your coordinates for feedback (optional).
We draw your attention to the fact that the essence of the message should clearly show the facts known to you, and not unfounded suspicions. We expect from you assistance and information about really committed or planned illegal actions, on which it is possible to conduct an official investigation. It is important for us to get an idea of ​​the extent of the violation. Any reports of abuses in the university are important, because even small but often committed thefts often inflict no less serious damage than a one-time and a large crime.