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The Council of Young Scientists of the Kazakh National Agrarian Research University (hereinafter-KazNARU) was founded in 2001. The Council of Young Scientists (hereinafter - CYS) is an advisory body that coordinates the scientific activities of young scientists and is created from among Master and Doctoral students and young teaching staff, under the age of 35.
The basis of KazNARU’s CYS is the expression of the interests of young scientists, support of their activities in research work, combining their efforts to solve urgent scientific problems of the agro-industrial complex, the development of innovative activities of young scientists of KazNARU.
Tasks and Forms of activity of the Council:
- attracting talented young people to deeper study of science in the branches of the agro-industrial complex;
- to promote the activity of young scientists in the scientific life of the University;
- to form a system of relations between state bodies responsible for scientific activities, as well as public and commercial organizations with young scientists;
- organization and holding of scientific conferences, seminars, meetings of young scientists and other events of the University;
- organization of information support for young scientists about funds, grants, conferences, schools, competitions and other events in the Republic of Kazakhstan, countries of the near and far abroad, about measures of state support for young scientific personnel in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- organization of joint research projects of young scientists of Kazakhstan, foreign higher educational institutions and research centers;
- creating a database of foreign young people, establishing contacts with them in order to conduct joint work.
- establishing links with CYS of other scientific organizations, higher educational institutions and foreign countries;
- coverage of the work of the society and the achievements of young scientists and students in the media;
 - organization and holding of an intra-university competition for the best student work of a young scientist.
- support of the scientific activity of the team of young scientists of the university;
- dissemination of information among young scientists about conferences, seminars, scientific schools, grants, support programs for young scientists, etc., as well as about printed and electronic scientific journals and other sources of professional information;
- assistance in solving housing and other social problems of the members of the collective of the CYS;
- maintaining your own section on the site, providing it with operational information;
- implementation of other activities in the interests of young scientists that do not contradict the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
KazNARU positions itself as a new format university with the status of a national research university, which also determines its development as a university closely integrated into the international scientific, educational and entrepreneurial business environment.
CYS of KazNARU takes a direct and active part in all activities aimed at realizing the scientific and intellectual potential of young scientists, developing its scientific infrastructure and promoting the disclosure of new opportunities in a competitive environment and in the light of new tasks.
In order to strengthen the work on the involvement of talented youth, young researchers and inventors, as well as the development of entrepreneurial skills and business fundamentals, training was organized on the basis of the KazNARU’s AgriHUB.

List of Members of the Council of Young Scientists
050010, Almaty, Abay Avenue, 8
Tel.: +7 (727)262 17 77
E-mail: smu_kaznaru@kaznaru.edu.kz
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