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Development of innovative irrigation technology of rice and crops of rice crop rotation, introduced in the country and farms of Almaty and Kyzylorda regions.
During the period of operation SRI and "Water issues and land reclamation " submitted 4 applications for grant funding of which is approved - 2, with total funding of 14 158 thous. tenge:
"Development of water saving technologies of irrigation of rice and rice crop rotation, measures to improve the ecological and reclamation conditions of irrigated lands, prevention of secondary salinization and waterlogging."
Objective of work - to develop water-saving irrigation technology of rice and rice-crop rotation to increase productivity of soils, increased rice yields and crop rotation rice by 12-15%, decreased irrigation rates by 18%.

It was found that the filtration flow from the rice fields in irrigation within the period of 9 - 15 mm / day. It provides high yields of rice, 69-72 t / ha and more, without running water discharges and from rice fields for irrigation period. When the value of filtration flow from the rice fields in irrigation period of 9 - 15 mm / day, the amount of filtration of the irrigation period is 9500 - 12 400 m3 / ha, of which 70% goes to replenishment of groundwater in the fields occupied by upland crops, 30% amounts of drainage runoff. The introduction of water-saving irrigation technology of rice will reduce the rate of irrigation by 20%, to increase rice yield by 15 - 18%.   

Irrigation of lucerne in a rice crop rotation with maintaining the threshold humidity of 80% NV improves the yield of lucerne hay by 25 - 30%, reduces the lifting of salts from groundwater to the surface of the soil.
2. "Research and Development of the parameters of water availability of irrigated land to increase crop yields and economic efficiency of irrigation systems of Kazakhstan." Objective of work - research and development of water-saving irrigation technologies of crops cultivated in the irrigation systems in the basin of the river  Ile, increase water availability of irrigation norms and economic efficiency of water use, taking into account the asynchronous fluctuations of river flow.
In synchronicity of flow fluctuations of the rivers Talgar, Shelek and cyclicality observed a discrepancy in the phases of the oscillations, the correlation coefficient varies between 0.85 - 0.98. When 85% of security standards irrigation irrigated lands in the river basins of Shelek, Talgar completely cover the water needs of crops. Analysis of the use of irrigated farms in the basin of the river Ili shows that only 60% of watered lands, while the flow of rivers Talgar and Shelek allows irrigate all the prepared irrigation lands.
Water supply regulations irrigation crops in the basins of Talgar, Shelek and Ile rivers calculated above 85% - the second provision, there is an opportunity to expand irrigated land by 20%. In the transition to water-saving irrigation techniques (drip irrigation, etc.) Can increase the area of irrigated land by 30 - 40%, without prejudice to other water users of rivers and natural systems.
Water-saving irrigation technology - drip irrigation systems in the basins of the rivers Talgar, Shelek and no effluent technology of irrigation rice on Akdalinski rice system can save 20% of irrigation water and increase crop yields by 18%. Drip irrigation of orchards and vineyards in the basins of Talgar, Shelek rivers and no effluent technology of irrigation rice on the Akdalinski rice system increase water availability of irrigation norms taking into account asynchronous fluctuation of water flow in irrigation source.

Together with scientists from the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation, under the leadership of academician of NAS RK, d.e.s.,professor Espolova T.I. drafted a research project "Improving the efficiency of agricultural production on irrigated lands in Kazakhstan, restoration of degraded land that didn’t use in agriculture, based on the introduction of water-saving technologies and complex of machines for land reclamation.
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