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Sansyzbay Abylai Rysbayuly.
Doctor of Veterinary Science, Professor
Corresponding Member of NAS RK

Scientific Secretary

Nusupova Saltanat Tlektesovna

candidate of veterinary sciences
Main activities and responsibilities
logoSRIPA the Scientific Research Institute of Problems of Animology was created by the order of the rector of KazNAU the Kazakh National Agrarian University for No. 207 of April 7, 2017.
The Institute is a structural subdivision of KazNAU and is organized to unite the efforts of the scientists of the departments concerned with the preservation and improvement of the gene pool of farm animals, birds and fish, the technology of production, processing, storage of animal products and raw materials, veterinary welfare of animal husbandry, the production of veterinary biological products, and food safety.

The main activities of the Institute:
- the organization and carrying out of researches, carrying out under the state order and applications of managing subjects;
- coordination of scientific, educational and scientific-production structures of the faculties;
- involvement of young scientists, undergraduates and PhD students in the implementation of scientific research, their active participation in national and international scientific events;
- participation of scientific workers of the Institute in the development and implementation of programs, including international ones on applied research directions;
- joint publishing with domestic and foreign scientists (publication of textbooks, teaching aids, monographs, reference books, publication of articles);
- the creation of joint research and scientific and production structures, the opening of branches on the basis of the partner institute, as well as the development of other effective forms of scientific cooperation;
- assistance in the participation of scientists in international congresses, symposiums, conferences and seminars;
- organization of exchange of experience between scientists and teachers for mutual acquaintance with scientific achievements, conducting scientific consultations.

The main tasks of the Institute are:
- scientific provision of priority areas of applied research, organization and participation in competitions conducted by republican departments and international organizations;
- organization of scientific and technical and technical and economic expertise of scientific research and ensuring the patent purity of scientific developments;
- Quarterly monitoring of the implementation of calendar-thematic plans for the planned activities;
- Commercialization of completed development in agricultural production in cooperation with strategic partners and economic entities;
- examination of the quality of scientific projects, as well as articles submitted for publication in national and international journals;
- consideration and approval of theses of doctoral students PhD;
- organization of participation of young scientists in competitions for the award of prizes in the field of science and state scientific scholarships.


Our address:
Казахстан, 050010 г. Алматы, ул. Абая, 8, 3 корпус, каб.204 ПН-ПТ с 9 00 до 18 00.