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Forest Research and Innovation Institute – was created originally as Scientific Centre of Forest Biocenology Issues by orders of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 1057 dated 8 September 2000 and the Kazakh State Agrarian University No. OP222 dated 14 November 2000 was renamed by the order of Kazakh National Agrarian University No. 156-zhk dated 19 September 2011.

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PHOTO Baizakov Sabit

Director FRII, doctor of economic
sciences, Professor,
academician of  NAS RK
PHOTO Mambetov Bulkayr

Deputy Director FRII, doctor
of economic sciences,
Professor, academician of NAS RK
PHOTO Zhorabekova Zhadyra Tuzelbaevna

Academic Secretary FRII

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The Forest Research and Innovation Institute has been working on many projects for 10 years and has prepared many recommendations for production:
1 «Increase the production of forest cultivation in pine forests along the Irtysh»;
2 «Creation of a transformational policy and financial mechanism to increase investment in Biodiversity Management»;
3 « Implementation of a comprehensive economic assessment of forest resources and forest ecosystem activities (on the example of Akmola region)»;
4 «Economic assessment of ecosystem activities of the Ili-Balkhash pilot territory»;
5 «Creation of a transformational policy and financial mechanism to increase investment in Biodiversity Management»;
6 «Consulting services on the analysis, state and prospects of development of Forestry in Kazakhstan « Contract No. CS/CQ-69, etc.
7 «Development of a science-based mechanism for the development of forest management in the context of market relations»;
8 «Consulting services on analysis, state and prospects for the development of Forestry in Kazakhstan».
In 2018, 2 projects were won under the grant for 2018-2020:
1) APO05133791 «Improvement of the methodology for evaluating and selecting an effective method for increasing the cadastral value of agricultural land in the Republic of Kazakhstan», head - T. K. Akhmetzhanov;
2) AP05135049 «Research and development of methods for rational use of land resources using remote sensing materials» - head of the Department T.D. Dzhulamanov.
Innovation patent:
1. Way of creation fire resistant forest plantations in the belt-like pine forests in Priirtyshye No. 25515, 26 May 2011 (Baizakov S.B., Iskakov S.I.)
2. Way to intensive cultivation of poplar plantation crops  for wood raw materials in the South and South-East of Kazakhstan No. 25516, 26 September 2011 (Baizakov S.B., Iskakov S.I., Sarsekova D.N.)
3. Matern-drop method of creating forest cultures (on the example of layout scheme of planting material) No. 26199, 4 April 2012 (Baizakov S.B., Iskakov S.I., Nysanbaev E.N.).
4. method for determining vertical angles of refraction. Method for determining vertical angles of refraction. Innovation patent no. 2015/0334.2 from 06.10.2015 (Bektanov B. K., Yessimova K. A., Balkozha M. A.)
5. Device for determining spatial coordinates of points. Innovation patent no. 2015/0333.2 from 06.10.2015 (Bektanov B., Yessimova K. A., Balkozha M.)


In the coming years we plan to develop Scientific Research Work (SRW) in the following areas:
- Development of scientifically proved proposals for commercializing the resources of undersized and non-standard wood on the basis of advanced foreign technologies and woodworking machinery;
- Scientific substantiation of methodological guidance development on the economic valuation of ecosystem services of forests in the context of their main types;
- Ways of improving and optimizing the institutional structures in forestry of the Republic adapted to the region and the forest fund in conditions of transition to the green economy;
- Development of scientifically proved proposals for the administration and management and landscape-silvicultural organization in the territory of the green belt of Astana city.


- studying topical issues of forestry and landscaping in Kazakhstan, the development of measures to ensure the preservation, multiplication, and sustainable management of forests and forestry in conditions of the green economy and directed to transfer them to a new scientific and technological level;
- planning, organization and maintenance of scientific research on priority areas;
- conducting research on current issues of forestry through participation in competitions of scientific programs and funds of RK, CIS and foreign countries;
- implementation of the results of research and development in the industry and the educational process;
- coordination of research activities in profile departments and their laboratories;
- ensure the observance of legality and public discipline, organization performing of SRW under contract and initiative themes;
- bearing of the other powers delegated to the President of the University.

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Structure of the Institute includes scientific potential of the departments:
- Forest Resources and Game Management;
- Land resources and Cadastre;
- Water resources and reclamation.

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Phone/Fax 8(727) 272-81-81
Our address:
Казахстан, 050010 г. Алматы, ул. Абая, 8, 3 корпус, каб.204 ПН-ПТ с 9 00 до 18 00.