Scientific Research Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Energy Supply, and IT Technologies in the Agro-industrial Complex

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Scientific achievements About us
During 2012–2014, the research institute of Agroengineering problems and new technologies has applied 16 projects and 13 projects have been realized with the total amount of 130 000 000 tenge within the program of Ministry of Agriculture of RK, Ministry of Education and Science of RK, World Bank. By the results of investigations for the past 10 years 120 articles have been published, 12 recommendations have been offered for industry, 3 monographs have been written, 5 Scientific technical documentations have been elaborated, 9 innovation patents have been received and 8 introductions into the industry have been made.
The Scientific Research Institute "Agroengineering problems and new technologies" to implement the new policy of innovative research to create more than 100 inventions, developed a modification of the first domestic zernorisouborochnogo combine "Kazakstandyk -1M", embodied in the construction of modern achievements of classical mechanics, electronics and biophysics. Models of these developments were presented at the Forum of Kazakhstan scientists with participation of the head of state and received a positive assessment.
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The first combine harvester in the world have developed a new technology of threshing agricultural crops (KZ patents, US, EUROPEAN, CN). Innovation awarded gold medals and diplomas (often) prestigious international contests of Inventions and New Technologies "New Time" and the International Warsaw Invention Show IWIS 2014. The collection created by the invention contribute to the scientific and technological support the creation and expansion of production of new equipment and open up prospects for the development of agricultural machinery in Kazakhstan .
In the field of science of Kazakhstan agroengineering first obtained European patent EP 2684444 B1 «CROP THRESHING METHOD», date of publication and mention of the grant of the patent: 19.08.2015 Vulletin 2015/34 , implementing new technological principles of Mechanics and threshing grain and seed cultures. The technical solution ensures the competitiveness of the external and internal consumers market.
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In fulfillment of contract, contractual and initiative research involved - 13 - doctors of sciences, 25 - candidates of science, 5 - Dr. Ph.D, 4 - doctoral Ph.D, 27 - masters, 15 - masters, 19 - students.
5 Prepared - Doctor Ph.D on the subject of ongoing research.
NII attended 12 exhibitions and 19 international symposiums and conferences.
Developed and published 9 recommendations issued information sheets "generating plant for emergencies" for distribution at the II-m and Innovation Convention in Almaty during the research scientists KazNAU seminars in the cities of Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kyzylorda and Shymkent, published 129 research papers, published 4 monographs.

photoThe results of the research have been implemented in the production of 15 development:
- As a result of the study is designed and manufactured a multifunctional operating model geliosushilki-greenhouses, which has been widely demonstrated in various exhibitions, conferences and used for educational purposes;
- Designed mobile unit kormoprigotovitelnogo design for the preparation of animal feed (prepared applications for inventions: mobile feed mill plant and a hammer hammer mill) and calculated the feed regime and crushing mixer parameters obtained theoretical results of the audit work and feed grinder mixer in laboratory conditions;
- On " Kombi mulching plastic film with the planting of seedlings and vegetable seeds in the perforated holes " design documentation for the production of a combined unit for mulching . The unit was tested again after making changes lander during planting tomato seedlings in the Experimental Field of the Kazakh Research Institute of Potato and Vegetable ;
- On the theme "Development of a modular energy-efficient ventilation system for agricultural facilities" in the course of the acceptance committee established tests that the energy-efficient ventilation system provides a power-saving mode and the required livestock microclimate parameters in the maternity sheepfold office and modular energy-saving ventilation system is adopted for practical use and it is recommended for a wide introduction of sheep farms.
According to the introduction of projects submitted six applications for participation in EXPO -2017.

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Leading scientists
Full name Academic title and rank Research areas Innovative developments
Research results and achievements
1 Zharylkasyn Sarsembekovich Sadykov Doctor of Technology Sciences, Professor agricultural machine building Justification of agricultural engineering development in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Program-targeted funding of the MES of the RK for 2015-2017.
Co-executor - Research Institute of Kazakh scientific research institute of mechanization and electrification of agriculture
Implementation of the Project will allow: to substantiate and implement investment projects, purposeful attraction of direct foreign investments into the branches of agricultural machine building; to substantiate measures and mechanisms of rational location of manufacturing plants, MTS, service centers, etc.; to form technical and innovation-technological policy in agro-industrial complex and agricultural machine building; to increase the level of mechanization in agro-industrial complex by 20...25%; to decrease energy intensity of crop and livestock production by 1.2...1.4 times, to increase the level of mechanization in agro-industrial complex by 20...25%; to decrease the energy intensity of crop and livestock production by 1.2...1.4 times, to bring the level of domestic machinery production in the domestic market up to 20%.
2 Jakhfer Muzafarovich Alikhanov Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Energetics and Mechanical Engineering Development of an automatic egg sorting machine based on the vision system
Grant financing of the MES of the RK for 2015-2017.
Co-executor - Rusensky University named after M.A. Lomonosov. Co-executor - A. Kynchev Rusensky University (Bulgaria)
Working drawings of egg distribution mechanism parts. Parameters and circuits for control of the variable frequency drive.
Algorithm and program control of machine operation.
Layout sample and results of experimental studies of the machine model for automatic sorting of eggs.
3 Marat Zhalelovich Khazimov Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Energetics and Mechanical Engineering Intensification of vegetable production by developing a set of machines for resource-saving technology
Grant financing of the MES of the RK for 2015-2017.
Co-executor - Ganesh Chandra Bora - PhD, Professor at the University of North Dakota.
- technological and structural parameters of machine working elements;
- design documentation of the developed complex of machines and facilities on the basis of experimental (on laboratory stands) and theoretical studies: for laying mulch, flexible drip irrigation strips and removal of used mulch from the soil surface;
- experimental samples of the complex of machines for production testing.

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