About the program MBA/EMBA/Mini MBA Timeframes of traning Requirements to applicants List of required documents
  • MBA is a program for training managerial staff with modern knowledge and skills in the field of business, capable of managing processes and human assets, shaping the company's strategy, being able to define strategic and operational objectives and achieve their achievement with the use of scientific tools;
  •  Executive MBA (EMBA) - MBA program, focused on training of top managers, taking into account the specifics of the target audience.
  • - Mini MBA - professional retraining for specialists of all levels
EMBA Program Content «7M04125 - Business Administration»
Business research*   Strategic management*   Project management*
Conflictology**   Business decision making in MS EXCEL**   Planning and Budgeting of Organization of AIC**
Psychology of management**   Business evaluation of enterprises of AIC **   Innovative business technology**
Modeling of business solutions**   Digitalization of agrobusiness**   Financial and accounting management in Strategic marketing in AIC**
Financial and accounting management in AIC**   Experimental research work by a Master's Degree student and preparation of a Master's Thesis
  Final assessment (writing and defending Master's Degree Thesis/ Project)
Note: *-compulsory Higher education component; **-elective component

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