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About us Business Relations Office
The center's mission
The development of Kazakh-South Korean cooperation in the spheres of education, science and agribusiness.

From the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Kazakh national agrarian University
  • Association of Koreans in Kazakhstan
From the Republic of Korea
  • Kiban agro (noru holding)
  • Konkuk University
  • Gyeongbuk national University
  • National University, Jeonnam

The center is a structural unit of the University, which assists scientists of the University in providing a scientific and educational base, improving the efficiency of research, enterprises and organizations in the implementation and promotion of innovative projects in the field of new agricultural technologies and practical training of undergraduates, doctoral students and University students.

1.3. participants in the organization and activities of the center are:
- Kazakh national agrarian University
- Association of Koreans in Kazakhstan;
From the Republic of Korea
- Konkuk University;
- Noru Corporation (Kiban agro);
- national University Gyeongbuk;
 - Jeongnam national University;

1.4. The Center is guided by:
  • The Charter Of The University;
  • Policy and Purposes in quality field;
  • quality manual;
  • requirements of the quality management system;
  • requirements of the current laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan "on education", " on science»;
  • regulations on education and science, Orders of the Ministry of agriculture and state mandatory standards of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan used in the activities of the University;
  • internal procedures, orders and instructions, decisions The scientific Council of the rectorate of the University;
  • labor regulations;
  • these Regulations and Job descriptions;
  • organizational structure of the University;
  • legal requirements and standards for occupational health and safety;
  • requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008
One of the promising areas of Kazakh-South Korean cooperation is greenhouse production. Kazakhstan is part of the" sunny belt", one of the countries where the duration of Sunny days per year is 2,200 hours. In Almaty - 2392 hours. The unique climatic features of the Republic make greenhouse production promising. It is clear that today the task is not only to grow plants in an enclosed area, but also to achieve high yield rates. The main share in the structure of food production Kazakhstan cereal processing -19 per cent, dairy 16 percent, bread 15 percent meat or 14 percent, fruits and vegetables - 9%, fat - 9% other industry - 17%. At the same time, Kazakhstan provides only 60 percent of its own agricultural products; the remaining 40 percent is the share of imports (1). In this regard, it is necessary to jointly develop the processing of agricultural products by South Korean partners to provide the country's population with food.  The achievements of the Republic of Korea in the field of information technologies and electronics are well known, which creates the basis for joint Kazakh-Korean projects on the introduction of it in agriculture. Kazakh national agrarian University as a leading University actively develops cooperation with scientists of the Republic of Korea in the field of agriculture in order to transfer South Korean technologies. Currently, KazNAU is actively developing cooperation with Konkuk University, Gyeongbuk and Jeongnam national universities, NORU holding. For the effective development of cooperation at KazNAU, a Kazakh-Korean Center was established on a parity basis, in the creation of which the Republic of Korea participates in "Kibanagro", which is part of the holding"Noru".KazNAU allocated classrooms and production sites for the overall project, equipped the laboratory and formed its staff. The Korean side invested in the creation of a training center for the development of technology for a "smart" greenhouse, made commitments to train students, exchange scientific information and plant materials.
A plan has also been developed to establish a center for animal husbandry development jointly with Konkuk University. During the President's visit Konguk University of HaEng Song in KazNAU, which took place in 2015, a Memorandum on mutually beneficial cooperation was signed and a number of important documents were signed. This became significant events, both for the Kazakh University and for domestic farmers. First of all, we are talking about the experience of cooperation between Kazakh and Korean Universities in the field of agriculture. Second, it acknowledges the potential of the Kazakh national agrarian University and the Kazakh agriculture.

Within the framework of a Memorandum of cooperation jointly with the national University of Gyeongbuk a project on plant biotechnology and joint training of scientific personnel is being implemented. Scientific cooperation can give not only an impetus to the development of relations between States, but also help them respond to challenges. For example, to provide business access to agricultural technologies, the population to quality food, and States to strengthen food security in the face of global warming and water scarcity.
The structure of the Center
1. The training center for the development of greenhouses

the purpose is to train students, undergraduates, improve their skills and retrain farmers and specialists in growing plants in high-tech greenhouses.
2. Laboratory of technology, quality and safety of meat and meat products
  • Research and control of sanitary and hygienic indicators of meat raw materials and meat products;
  • Determination of quality and safety of meat raw materials and meat products;
  • Study of technological processes of meat processing;
3. Laboratory of modern plant breeding and gene pool
  • Genotyping and the formation of the gene pool
  • The creation of a sustainable and productive varieties
4. Office of business relations with the Republic of Korea

providing information support and creating conditions for establishing contacts for entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan and South Korea
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