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International Credit Mobility (ICM) - mobility projects for students and university staff in
Key Action 1: Learning mobility
1. Description
      The Erasmus + program has opened up new opportunities for students, faculty and other university staff who are implementing as part of Key Action 1. Mobility of students and teachers is an important component of the higher education system, which allows universities to develop both in the Countries of the Program and in the Countries of the Partners, where mobility becomes an incentive for improving the quality of teaching, improving the activities of international and student services, for comparing and updating training programs. Mobility contributes to the development of the best internationalization strategies, which is everywhere a catalyst for reforming the higher education system. Mobility is important and useful, of course, for students, faculty and administrative staff of universities, having a positive impact on the quality of higher education in general through the formation and development of recognition tools.
Program countries
of 28 EU member states + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Countries Partners
Other countries of the world
Students, teachers and staff of Kazakhstan universities can participate in short-term mobility, which is carried out within the framework of bilateral agreements on mobility between universities from the Program Countries and universities from the Partner Countries.
Student mobility: duration from 3 to 12 months (maximum).
Mobility of teachers and other university staff for teaching or internships: duration from 5 days to 2 months (maximum, excluding the time spent on the road).
Mobility participants receive a scholarship that covers the cost of transportation, visas, insurance and accommodation. A grant for employees may include travel costs (one day before the start of mobility, one day after mobility) recognition of credit units (hence the common name - Credit Mobility): duration - from 3 to 12 months (maximum) in each training period.
2. Participation of Kazakhstan universities in International Credit Mobility

       In order to receive funding, a university from a Program Country and a university from a Partner Country must enter into a bilateral mobility agreement and fill out an application for funding. Then, the university from the Country of the Program contacts the authorized National Agency in its country, which assesses the quality of the application and, based on the results, makes a decision on support or rejection of the application. To participate in a project on international credit mobility, it is necessary to sign an inter-institutional agreement between the institution of higher education in the Country of the Program and the institution of higher education in the Country of the Partner. In this document, the receiving and sending universities agree and approve the number of open courses / programs for students and the proposed opportunities for staff. The agreement should also include the recognition of loans upon completion of the mobility program.
An application for participation in international credit mobility is submitted only by the institution of the Program Country. To participate and apply, the university applicant for the Program Country must sign the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. For a university from the Partner Country, membership in the Charter is not required, but its fundamental principles in terms of organizing mobility are prescribed and enshrined in the inter-institutional agreement. Universities Partner Countries, signing an inter-institutional agreement, a priori must adhere to the principles of the Charter. Thus, universities undertake to provide the highest quality in organizing the mobility of students and teachers, including the relevance, accessibility and transparency of information about training programs, the presence of ECTS (or a similar system) for recognition procedures, etc.
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