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International Center for Vaccinology
The International Center for Vaccination (hereinafter referred to as the Center), was organized by the order of the Rector of the Kazakh National Agrarian Research University (hereinafter referred to as the University) on May 2, 2020  in accordance with the Charter of the University. The center is a subdivision of the University, carrying out research work on the specific prevention and treatment of infectious diseases of animals, birds and humans, including allergic diseases. The Center additionally trains of specialists and PhD students in the theoretical and practical foundations of the development, testing and implementation of various generations of vaccines into practice.


Tabynov Kaissar Kazybayevich (, Hirsch index - 10), is an expert in the field of vaccinology. His main specialization is associated with the development, study and implementation of  the production of various vaccines for animals, birds and humans. As a result of his 17 years of scientific activity, 3 vaccines for public health were developed (Refluvac - against pandemic influenza A / H1N1pdm09; Kazfluvac - against pandemic influenza A / H5N1; and Kazfluvir - against seasonal influenza) and 7 vaccines for veterinary medicine (against highly pathogenic avian influenza H5 subtypes and H7, equine influenza, bovine and small bovine brucellosis). Most (about 60%) of these developments have been introduced and are widely used in practice or are at the stage of implementation in production. He was directly involved in preclinical research and the registration of the two Kazakhstani pandemic vaccines, Refluvac and Kazfluvac (registration certificates RK-BP-3 №. 019910 and RK-BP-3 №. 019911 dated 05.28.2013), and also led the pilot production of a vaccine against seasonal influenza Kazfluvir, which has successfully passed the III-phase clinical trial in Kazakhstan. Under his leadership, in January 2019, a new vaccine against bovine brucellosis based on influenza viral vectors, which has no analogues in the world, was put into practice in Kazakhstan (registration certificate №. RK-VP-1-3775). Currently, under his leadership, research is underway on the creation of COVID-19 vaccines for health and veterinary medicine, as well as a vaccine against allergic rhinitis and bronchial asthma caused by wormwood pollen.

K. Tabynov, within the framework of the Bolashak International Scholarship Program, underwent a one-year internship (postdoctoral study) at the biotechnological company Vaxine Pty Ltd (Adelaide, Australia) on the topic: “Innovative technologies for the creation of safe and highly effective vaccines for health care”. As part of this internship, he also studied the fundamentals of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Preclinical Vaccine Trials and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Human Clinical Trials.
Due to his significant contribution to the development of Kazakhstani science,  K. Tabynov was awarded a number of awards, prizes and scholarships.
There is detailed information about this on his LinkedIn page accessible using the following link:

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Leading Researcher

Tabynov Kairat Kazybayevich (Ph.D)
(, Hirsch index - 6), is a highly qualified specialist in the field of biological safety, immunology and virology. He is also an expert of the Institutional Committee for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (IACUC) of the Central Reference Laboratory of  the  «Masgut Aikimbayev’s National Scientific Center for Especially Dangerous Infections» of  the Ministry of Healthcare of  the Republic of Kazakhstan. Within the framework of the international scholarship program of Norman Borlaug (Borlaug Fellowship Program), he passed a 3-month internship at Ohio State University (Worcester, USA) to obtain and test nanovaccines against influenza. Tabynoy K.K. is one of the developers of two vaccines against COVID-19 (NARUVAX C-19 and NARUVAX C-19 / Nano) for healthcare , a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 (NARUVAX C-19 (pets)) for veterinary medicine, and a vaccine against allergic rhinitis and bronchial asthma caused by wormwood pollen.
For his work in science,  significant contributions to the development of diagnostic and prophylactic drugs against dangerous viral infectious diseases, the development of a number of vaccines (inactivated, attenuated and subunit) for public health and veterinary medicine, he was awarded a prize and a diploma of the Republican competition of achievements in the field of invention “Shapagat- 2011 "in the" Youngest Inventor "nomination and was awarded state scientific scholarships (for talented young scientists MES RK-2015; for outstanding scientists MES RK-2020). He has published over 80 scientific papers, including 10 articles in journals indexed in Scopus and WoS, 1 Eurasian and 27 national patents, and 1 monograph. He is currently the scientific advisor of one PhD doctoral student at Satbayev University.

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Senior Researcher

Nurpeisov Tair Temirlanovich

A professor and allergist-immunologist, Nurpeisov is the head of the Republican Allergological Center, a Senior Researcher of the International Center for Vaccinology, the Chairman of the Society of "Allergologists, Immunologists, Immunorehabilitation specialists" and the Chief Allergologist of Almaty, Doctor of Medical Sciences, PhD.

He graduated from the Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University, studied his clinical residency at KazNMU and has authored over 100 publications.

Overall, Nurpeisov has work experience totaling over 20 years. He is a member of the European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (EAACI), a “golden” member of the European Respiratory Society (ERS), a member of the Society of Physicians of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and a member of the Euro-Asian Respiratory Society (EAPO). He was also awarded the Medal of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan "For contribution to health care" (2016) and the medal of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Excellence in Healthcare" (2019).
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Senior Researcher

Bugybayeva Dina Askarovna

Since the beginning of 2021, she has been a senior researcher at the International Center for Vaccinology, (

Currently, Dina is undergoing an internship at Ohio State University, working as a visiting researcher for training in the evaluation of candidate vaccines against influenza (H1N1 SwIV), salmonellosis and coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

Dina specializes in immunology and virology. In 2017, she graduated from the University of Edinburgh, Roslin Institute under the Master of Science in Animal Biological Sciences program on the Bolashak International Scholarship.

The topic of her master’s thesis was "Study of the immunoregulatory effect of the Trem2 gene on bone marrow macrophages".
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Senior Researcher

Matikhan Nurali, doctor of Veterinary Sciences (PhD), is a senior researcher at the International Center for Vaccinology of the Kazakh National Agrarian Research University.

He is the author of more than 30 scientific papers, including 3 methodological recommendations and 4 copyright certificates for inventions. He is the author of 3 scientific papers in foreign publications and the winner of several prizes for foreign scientists. He has published articles in scientific journals based in the People's Republic of China.
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Babaeva Meruert Erzhangyzy, is a doctor-allergist, and a PhD student of  KazNMU , thesis topic is entitled: "Conducting and testing on a mouse model of a new formulation of an allergic vaccine for an ultra-short regime of allergen-specific immunotherapy." She is a specialist at the International Center for Vaccinology. Her research work is carried out within the framework of the project IRN AP08051924 "Development of a new formulation of an allergic vaccine for subcutaneous allergen-specific immunotherapy".

She is a member of the Society of Allergologists, Immunologists, Immunorehabilitologists.

She has more than 10 scientific and scientific-methodical works.

Refresher courses:
2018 - Allergen - specific immunotherapy, 3 hours, Almaty;
2019 - Functional studies of the respiratory system and modern technologies for the delivery of inhalation drugs, 4 hours, Almaty;
2019 - Immunogram  in clinical practice. Application and interpretation, 4 hours, Almaty;
2019 - Prevention of drug hypersensitivity. Specific allergy diagnostics in vitro and in vivo in everyday practice, 4 hours, Almaty;
2019 - Immunodiagnostics, immunotherapy and immunoprophylaxis in the practice of a modern doctor, 54 hours, Almaty;
2019 - Hospital infection. New approaches. Express diagnostics. The newest rational antibacterial therapy, 21 hours, Almaty;
2020 - Basics of  biosafety and  biosecurity in laboratories of the Republic of  Kazakhstan, 54 hours, «Masgut Aikimbayev’s National Scientific Center for Especially Dangerous Infections» of  the Ministry of  Healthcare of  the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty;
2021 - The use of  laboratory animals in the experiment, 40 hours, «Masgut Aikimbayev’s National Scientific Center for Especially Dangerous Infections» of  the Ministry of  Healthcare of  the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty;
2021 - Spirometry using modern technologies during a pandemic, 4 hours, Almaty.

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Junior Researcher

Rakhmatullaeva Guliza Talgatkyzy has a master of Science in Biotechnology from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. Rakhmatullayeva Guliza Talgatkyzy has been an employee of the International Center for Vaccinology at the Kazakh National Agrarian Research University since 2021, and is currently working as a Junior researcher.
• Fellow of the Abay-Vern program;
“Global quality in European livestock production products”, Clermont-Auverne University, France;
Specialization: Territory and Local Development Management;
• Scientific internship at INRAE ​​- National Research Institute of Agriculture, Food and Environment, France;
• She has 1 Article in journals included in the Scopus database;
• In 2019, she was the winner in as competition for the best scientific work of students in the natural-technical, social, technical and economic sciences at KazNU.

Work-related skills:
• works with proteins (sanitation, measurement of protein concentration, protein purification by chromatography) and protein analysis (electrophoresis, immunoblotting);
• works with DNA, RNA and plasmids (isolation of  DNA, RNA, PCR, vector construction (methods of molecular biology), two-hybrid analysis (in a yeast system);
• setting of ELISA analysis (infections, hormones, tumor markers);
• production of polyclonal antibodies (protein purification using affinity chromatography, antigen injection to a rabbit, antibody purification).
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Junior Researcher
Orynbasar Madiana Bolatzhankyzy has a master's degree in veterinary medicine and is currently a PhD student at KazNAIU, with the thesis topic: "Subunit COVID-19 vaccine for domestic cats: obtaining and studying immunobiological properties."
Orynbasar Madiana Bolatzhankyzy has been an employee of the International Center for Vaccinology at the Kazakh National Agrarian Research University since 2021, and is currently a Junior Researcher.
In 2020 she defended her masters’ thesis on the topic "Improving the technology for the development of diagnostic anti-rabies immunoglobulin."
Refresher courses:
2020 - Epizootology, modern methods of diagnostics and prevention of infectious animal diseases, "FGU" Center for Veterinary Medicine Russia, St. Petersburg.
2020 - "Technology of biological preparations used for diagnostics, treatment and prevention of farm animals", Research and Production Enterprise "ANTIGEN" Kazakhstan, Almaty.
2020 - "Legal aspects of pharmaceutical activities carried out by organizations in the field of circulation of medicinal products intended for animals", "Center for advanced training of veterinary specialists" - a specialized structural educational unit of ANO "Vetpharmaceuticals" Russia.
2020 - Veterinary Safety Overall View, Tecnology University Putra, Department of Food, Science and Technology / Putra, Malaysia.
She has had more than 15 scientific and scientific-methodical works published, including 8 patents.
The level of English language of Orynbasar M.B. is "TOEFL IBT-75".

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Laboratory Manager

Yelchibayeva Leila Serikkaliyevna is a specialist in veterinary medicine, and is a master's student of KazNAIU in the area of “veterinary medicine”.
In 2021, she defended her thesis on the topic "Diagnosis of rabies and technology for obtaining a kit for the precipitation reaction".
The direction of her scientific activity and the topic of her master's thesis relates to obtaining and investigating the immunogenicity and protective effectiveness of a subunit vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 infection in cats.
From 2019 to 2021, she held a professional and pre-graduate internship at the Scientific and Production Enterprise “Antigen” in Almaty and in the Uygur district branch of the Republican Veterinary Laboratory, Chunja village.
Since 04.22.2021 she has been working at the International Center for Vaccinology at the Kazakh Agrarian Research University.
Since 2.11.2021 she has been a member of the Council of Young Scientists of the Kazakh National Agrarian Research University.
She presented 1 scientific article at the seventh International scientific and practical conference in Nur-Sultan “Science and education in the modern world: challenges of the XXI century”, including 3 patents published.
Refresher courses:
2021- The use of laboratory animals in an experiment, 40 hours, «Masgut Aikimbayev’s National Scientific Center for Especially Dangerous Infections» of  the Ministry of  Healthcare of  the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty.

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Laboratory assistant

Fomin Gleb Igorevich, has a Master of Natural Sciences and is a laboratory assistant at the International Center for Vaccinology, engaged in histological studies of tissues of model animals.
Since 2017, he has been an active participant and the main organizer of the club "Young Researcher's Club" of the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology of KazNU, where lectures are given in a popular scientific format on modern problems of biology.
In the period from 2018 to 2019, he held the position of a laboratory assistant-histologist at the pathomorphological research and production laboratory "Consultant Biotech", where he was engaged in the manufacture of immunohistochemical preparations and carried out communication with cancer patients.
From 2020 to 2021, he was an employee of the "Scientific Center for Anti-Infectious Drugs", where preclinical tests of the domestic drug FS-1 were carried out.
Since 2021, he has been a member of the research group engaged in the project "Study of the early immune response in COVID-19 on a model of Syrian hamsters with chronic inflammation and preventive activity of metformin" (IRN AP09259865) at the «Masgut Aikimbayev’s National Scientific Center for Especially Dangerous Infections» of  the Ministry of  Healthcare of  the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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