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Agrotechnological Hub (AgriTech Hub KazNAU)
Agrotechnological Hub (AgriTechHub) was created in June 2016 on the basis of the Kazakh National Agrarian University with the aim of developing, attracting and transferring modern technologies to the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan.
AgriTechHub KazNAU finds and attracts new technologies in agribusiness, invests and incubates them for the purpose of further commercialization. The advantage is the availability of a developed scientific and technical base, accumulated innovative and scientific potential and access to a potential client base, which helps to reduce the risks associated with attracting, developing and commercializing new technologies.
The strategic task is to include KazNAU among the leading agricultural universities in the world, to create a modern agricultural industry with the generation of advanced knowledge, the best achievements of applied and fundamental research, demanded by Kazakhstan and international communities
The basic principles for the implementation of the concept:
1. Compliance of directions with international and country priorities
2. Innovation of scientific and practical projects and programs
3. Ensuring the trinity: science-education-production
4. Close relationship with PPP practice
5. The relationship between student and teacher science
6. The development of international scientific and practical cooperation
An innovation, in it is classical interpretation, is the introduction of a new or substantially improved product, process or service, a new marketing method or organizational process.
In relation to the agricultural sector, most innovations are process innovations - improving production methods, such as irrigation, soil cultivation, chemical treatment, etc. However, in practice, innovation processes often stall due to the fact that there is no connection between scientific research and their practical application. To solve this problem, the ATX is created, which becomes the link between the theory and practice of agricultural science. The innovation creation mechanism in this case works according to the following algorithm:
Identifies a problem
AgriTechHub KazNAU identifies the most acute problems of the agro-industrial complex and develops a detailed technical task.
Finds a solution
Possessing a scientific and technical base, AgriTechHub KazNAU is able to independently generate high-quality research focused on solving specific problems facing farmers, or, if necessary, to attract leading technology companies of the world to the solution.
Transfers knowledge to the farmer
The new knowledge gained in the process is communicated to farmers through extension programs helping them to popularize and improve production methods.
Improvement of production methods leads to an increase in the level of production (productivity, milk yield, etc.), which in turn leads to structural changes both at the farmer's level and in the market of goods produced by him.
The growth of production volume and market share in turn require new innovative solutions, thereby closing the chain of the innovation cycle
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