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Новость #2041 Статистика

Dear colleagues, heads of agro-industrial organizations and scientists!

The Kazakhstan-Japan Innovation Center (KJIC) is a leading open-type research center and is a structural unit of the Kazakh National Agrarian University.

The Center includes four research laboratories: 1) laboratory of engineering profile "Electron microscopy", 2) "Microbiological safety", 3) "Green biotechnology and cell engineering", 4) "Food and environmental safety".

The complex of innovative equipment of the Center allows carrying out fundamental, search and applied scientific research and development for state and non-state customers in various areas of the national economy (biology, biotechnology, ecology, agriculture, animal science, veterinary medicine, sanitation, food industry, agrochemistry, pharmacy, medicine, criminology, etc.), providing legal entities and individuals with paid scientific and educational services in the areas of the center's Laboratories.

Another possibility of the center's Laboratories is to conduct expert assessments commissioned by state authorities, in particular on falsification and quality assessment of agricultural raw materials and food products.

By order No. 228-OD of 18.03.2020 The Center is accredited for compliance with the requirements of ST RK ISO/IEC 17025-2018 "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories". Successful completion of the qualification assessment by Laboratories in the accreditation system is the main evidence of professional competence that allows them to effectively perform work in the field of conformity assessment. 

The scope of Laboratory accreditation includes testing of food products, food raw materials of animal and vegetable origin, feed, water for the following indicators: determination of heavy metals (Cu, Zn, Ni, Pb, Cd, Co), mycotoxins, residual amounts of pesticides, antibiotics, determination of the fatty acid composition of the fat phase of oil and fat products by gas-liquid chromatography and high-resolution chromatography-mass spectrometry, physical and chemical indicators. The methods used by Laboratories ensure the reliability, objectivity and required accuracy of test results.

The laboratory "Green biotechnology and cell engineering" is accredited to conduct research to confirm the origin of cattle (paternity, motherhood) by the method of genomic analysis of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in accordance with the recommendations of ISAG (International Society for Animal Genetics). The method of performing measurements was developed by the Center's staff and registered in the registry of the State measurement system of the Republic Kazakhstan RSE "Kazakhstan Institute of Metrology".

Since 2017, the Laboratory has been an institutional member of the International Society for Animal Genetics. As part of the international interlaboratory comparison testing program ISAG 2018-2019, the laboratory participated in comparison tests in 37 laboratories around the world. According to the results of the international test of SNP DNA-typing of cattle (Bos Taurus) ISAG, the result of the laboratory "Green biotechnology and cell engineering" was 100-98% with the assessment of absolute accuracy of genotyping, confirming the absolute accuracy of the SNP research method and the high qualification of the laboratory staff.

The Center's activity prospects include expanding the scope of accreditation for export product safety indicators (livestock products, honey, cereals and leguminous products, etc.), and it is also planned to pass accreditation for a provider to verify the use of innovative research methods.

We invite all interested scientific organizations and structures, government agencies, universities, industry associations of the agro-industrial complex and economic entities to cooperate and joint research activities.